Downloads & updates

National banks occasionally issue new banknotes. Newly issued banknotes have different characteristics to their predecessors; therefore some ZZap products need their software updating in order to recognise the new banknotes.

The available currency updates are below. Each update kit consists of the following:

To update your machine you will need a ZZap download cable. ZZap download cables are available in Accessories.

ZZap D40 & D40+ Counterfeit Detectors
ZZap D40i Counterfeit Detector
All ZZap D50 Counterfeit Detectors
  • Model: All ZZap D50 Counterfeit Detectors
  • Software update: Enables the D50 to display, save and print counting results from a PC.
  • Download link: ZZap D50 PC compatibility software
ZZap NC50 Banknote Counter
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