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Bespoke machines

Note Counters

Banknote Counters

A ZZap money counter is a great purchase for any business dealing with cash. ZZap money counters count quicker, more accurately and authenticate cash more effectively than the most experienced employee. A ZZap money counter offers a quick return on investment and will increase productivity for years to come.

  • Counts up to 1,600 banknotes per minute
  • Counts the total value of your banknotes
  • Up to 100% accurate counterfeit detection
  • Batch, adding & sort functions
  • Works with all currencies

From £59.99(ex. VAT)

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Coin Counters & Sorters

Coin Counters & Sorters

Say goodbye to the time consuming, costly and unhygienic task of manually counting coins. Our coin counters & sorters count up to 1,000 coins a minute, sort each coin denomination into separate trays and batch count your coins so they are ready for bagging & banking. We offer a wide range of budget coin counters to heavy duty coin counters to suit every requirement in order to save you time and money.

  • Counts up to 1,000 coins per minute
  • Sorts coins into trays
  • Batch counting and adding functions
  • Reports the total value & quantity counted
  • Reports the total value & quantity per denomination

From £64.99(ex. VAT)

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Counterfeit Detectors

Counterfeit Detectors

Our ZZap counterfeit detectors use up to 7 counterfeit detections to verify banknotes, credit cards, driving licences, passports etc., with up to 100% detection accuracy. Purchasing a ZZap counterfeit detector means you can identify counterfeits quickly and accurately so you don't lose any money. ZZap counterfeit detectors are quick, accurate, easy to use and ensure complete peace of mind.

  • Up to 100% accurate counterfeit detection
  • Verifies in less than 0.5 seconds
  • Visual & audio alert for counterfeit banknotes
  • Value & currency recognition
  • Rechargeable battery for portable use
  • Works with multiple currencies

From £9.99(ex. VAT)

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Cash Drawers & POS Safe

Cash Drawers & Point of Sale Safes

Our ZZap cash drawers and POS banknote safes will create a secure point of sale environment where the risk of internal theft and robbery is significantly reduced. A ZZap cash drawer or POS banknote safe also means your operations become more streamlined and economical therefore reduced queuing times and increasing sales.

  • Robust & secure banknote safes
  • Quick & easy operation
  • Safes can be mounted underneath a countertop
  • Electric & manual cash drawers

From £44.99(ex. VAT)

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Why buy from ZZap?

  • Best prices

  • Full warranty

  • Latest models

  • Fast delivery

  • Professional service

  • Best prices

    Streamlining your cash handling operation doesn't need to break the bank. All our operations are kept online so we can offer you the best value for money. Our strong relationships with our providers allows us to negotiate the best prices in the industry. Unlike other firms, we retail bespoke products that are designed to our exact requirements, so you can be rest assured you will be receiving a quality product that is built to last.

  • Full warranty

    We are so confident in our products that we offer a market leading 18 month return-to-base warranty. Our warranty service is fast & efficient, so in the unlikely event your machine needs to be repaired, we can fix and send out your product in record time. All our products are built to last and we test each product prior to delivery to ensure everything is in order.

  • Latest models

    All our products incorporate the latest cash technology. We have strong relationships with a broad network of providers allowing us to quickly market the latest products in the industry. Purchasing from ZZap means you will be receiving only the best.

  • Fast delivery

    We offer a range of delivery options according to your budget and how urgent you require the item. We offer fully trackable delivery to standard royal mail post. We will dispatch your product on the same working day if you purchase a product before 2.30 pm. Whatever delivery you choose, you can be rest assured that you will be receiving a fast, reliable and secure service.

  • Professional service

    We know our customers require excellent customer service from initial contact all the way through to after sales. Our in house ZZap team are knowledgeable, friendly and can assist you with any query you may have. Whether it's helping you choose a product or assisting you with the operation of a machine, we will be more than happy to help.

ZZap Online

ZZap Online provide coin sorters, money counting machines, POS safes and counterfeit detectors. Manual counting and sorting can be tedious and unreliable. We provide you with safe, secure and dependable products for your business needs. Buy online today, shop in confidence.